People get lost everyday, everywhere – especially when visiting a place for the first time.  Even without mishap, in our complex world, cognitive disconnects diminish our sense of place, and with it, a place's identity.  On downtown streets and parking lots; at transportation hubs, sports arenas and retail complexes; in museums, corporate headquarters and health care institutions; visitors labor unnecessarily to reach their destinations.

This is easily avoidable.  Sign systems can create or reinforce a visitor's sense of place.  Coherent messages at critical points can confirm a visitor's wayfinding decisions.  Convenient informational displays can give important overviews of your site.  All of these elements form an amenity that reflects positively on your institution's image.

As a multidisciplinary design consultant specializing in Environmental Graphic Design, LeeAlliance provides creative strategies and design services to meet your institution's specific wayfinding challenges: from master planning and design, to implementation management.